Armour of God movie

Armour of God Movie is about Jackie Chan's character, Asian Hawk, a former musician who becomes an adventurer and treasure hunter. After successfully stealing a sword from an African tribe, he has the weapon auctioned before it is won by May Bannon, the beautiful daughter of Count Bannon. He is reunited with his former bandmate Alan, who seeks his help as his girlfriend Lorelei has been kidnapped by an evil religious cult as a means of acquiring Jackie's services. The cult possesses two pieces of a legendary armour called the "Armour of God", and they intend to have Jackie bring them the three remaining armour pieces, including the sword.

Jackie travels to Europe to rescue Lorelei and retrieve the missing pieces of armour. Along the way, he is pursued by the cult's assassins and the police. He also encounters a variety of other colorful characters, including a bumbling sidekick, a beautiful damsel in distress, and a mysterious Amazon warrior.