Sunrise In Heaven Movie
Sunrise in Heaven is a 2019 American romance drama film directed by Waymon Boone and written by Dan Benamor. The film stars Caylee Cowan, Corbin Bernsen, Dee Wallace, Travis Burns, Erin Bethea, and Jenn Gotzon Chandler. It is based on the book, His Sunrise My Sunset, a 2016 romance novel by American author Jan Hurst. Hurst was inspired to write the faith-based book after the car crash that killed her husband, Steve.
Sunrise In Heaven Movie

The film tells the story of Jan Hurst (Caylee Cowan), a young woman who falls in love with Steve (Travis Burns), a young G.I. in the Air Force. Their relationship is met with disapproval from Jan's father (Corbin Bernsen), a decorated military officer. However, their love for each other is strong and they eventually get married.

Sunrise In Heaven Movie

The film then fast-forwards to the present day, where Jan and Steve are now in their 60s and have two grown daughters. One day, Steve is in a car accident and is left on life support. As Jan grapples with the possibility of losing her husband, she reflects on their love story and how it has sustained her through good times and bad.

Sunrise In Heaven Movie

Sunrise in Heaven is a heartwarming and inspiring film that celebrates the power of love and faith. It is a story of loss and grief, but it is also a story of hope and redemption. The film is based on a true story, which makes it even more touching and relatable.

If you are looking for a film that will make you laugh, cry, and feel all the feels, then Sunrise in Heaven is definitely worth a watch. It is a beautiful and moving film that will stay with you long after you have seen it.

Here are some additional details about the film:

The film was shot in Nashville, Tennessee.

The film's score was composed by Kent Rock.

The film was released direct-to-video on April 9, 2019.

The film received mixed reviews from critics, with some praising the film's heartwarming story and others criticizing its predictability.