Entrapment Movie Download

Entrapment Movie is about the theft of a highly-secured piece of artwork, an agent convinces her insurance agency employers to allow her to wriggle into the company of an aging but active master thief. Connery’s burglar takes her on suspiciously and demands rigorous training before their first job together - stealing a highly-valued mask from a chichi party.

Genre: Action, Romance, Crime

Actor: Sean Connery, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Ving Rhames

Director: Jon Amiel

Country: United States, United Kingdom

Duration: 113 min

Quality: HD

Release: 1999

IMDb: 6


Entrapment Movie is a 1999 caper film directed by Jon Amiel and written by Ronald Bass. It stars Sean Connery and Catherine Zeta-Jones and includes Will Patton, Ving Rhames and Maury Chaykin. The film focuses on the relationship between investigator Virginia "Gin" Baker and professional thief Robert "Mac" MacDougal as they attempt a heist at the turn of the New Millennium.

Here is the plot of the movie:

Virginia "Gin" Baker (Catherine Zeta-Jones) is an investigator for "Waverly Insurance". Robert "Mac" MacDougal (Sean Connery) is a professional thief who specializes in international art. A priceless Rembrandt painting is stolen from an office building in New York one night, and Gin is sent undercover to investigate Mac as the chief suspect. She tries to entrap him with a proposition, claiming that she is a professional thief herself, and promises that she will help him steal a priceless Chinese mask from the well-guarded Bedford Palace.

Mac is initially skeptical of Gin, but he eventually agrees to let her help him with the heist. The two of them work together to pull off the job, but they are not the only ones after the mask. A team of international criminals is also after the artifact, and they are willing to kill to get it.

Gin and Mac must use all of their skills and cunning to stay one step ahead of the criminals and pull off the heist. In the end, they are successful, but their relationship is tested in the process.

Entrapment was a commercial success, grossing over $212 million worldwide. It was praised for the performances of Connery and Zeta-Jones, as well as the action sequences. However, some critics felt that the film was too formulaic and predictable.

Overall, Entrapment is a fun and exciting caper film with a great cast. If you are a fan of heist movies, then you should definitely check it out.

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