Sugar Rush Movie Download
Sugar Rush Movie Download 


Sugar Rush is a 2019 Nigerian crime action comedy film written by Jadesola Osiberu and Bunmi Ajakaiye, and directed by Kayode Kasum. The film stars Adesua Etomi, Bisola Aiyeola and Bimbo Ademoye in the lead roles. The film had its theatrical release on 25 December 2019 coinciding Christmas and opened to mixed reviews from critics. Despite the mixed reviews, the film became a box office success and became the fourth highest grossing Nigerian film of all time.

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The film follows the story of three sisters, Lola, Sarah and Tola, who discover a bag of money worth $800,000. They decide to keep the money for themselves, but soon find themselves in trouble with the police and a ruthless gang. The film is a fast-paced and action-packed comedy with a strong female cast.

Here are some of the things people liked about the movie:

* The acting was great, especially from the three lead actresses.

* The story was engaging and kept you entertained.

* The action scenes were well-choreographed and exciting.

* The film was funny and had a lot of heart.

Here are some of the things people didn't like about the movie:

* The film was a bit predictable.

* Some of the action scenes were a bit over-the-top.

* The film was a bit too long.

Overall, Sugar Rush is a fun and entertaining film that is sure to please fans of Nigerian cinema.