How To Make Money On Tiktok By Watching Videos

How To Make Money On Tiktok By Watching Videos

To make money watching TikTok videos, you have to sign up for an account and fill out the required records. Once you've signed up for an account, you want to:

Enter the tiktok bonus icon located in your profile.

Pick "Watch movies."

Watch the videos marked with the tiktok bonus cash while the bar fills up.

You'll most effectively be paid to observe videos marked with the tiktok bonus icon. Plus, you ought to watch every video absolutely to make money, and about 5 mins after looking at them, you may see the balance of the cash you've got earned.

You'll receive rubies. Rubies are virtual currencies that you can alternate for real cash thru PayPal.

Another way to make money watching tiktok videos is to use the Zyn app. Zyn provides a platform for importing and viewing tiktok movies. You could even touch upon the videos you watch.

To receive a commission thru Zyn, you need to join the app with your PayPal account. Then, on every occasion you complete twenty seconds of viewing, you earn factors in exchange for cash.

How plenty am i able to Earn watching movies?

How plenty you earn relies upon the period of the movies you watch. Do not forget, you receives a commission in digital currencies exchanged for real cash. So, as an instance, if you watch five minutes of films, you may get hold of 100 cash.

There is also a limit to how many videos you may watch per day. You may most effectively watch twenty-five mins of TikTok bonus videos per day, and you may get hold of 650 coins for doing so.

So, in actual dollars, how a lot is this digital cash really worth?

Virtual coin Conversion

One hundred cash $1.39

500 coins identical $27.99

2000 coins same $6.99

5000 cash $69.99

10,000 coins $139.99